There’s always been a sense of apprehension lurking around ever since I stepped in the world of artistic careers. It is somewhere near as well as farther afield. The process of artmaking pushes and pulls it but doesn't dump it.

It starts from finance, forms in the unreal quality of art, cycles across styles and eras, blames individual skills and personal effort, heightens through the context of the Art World, and finally comes back to an artwork.

Do you have a similar anxiety ?

Self-Help Guide : Arstrology

This site is a pseudo self-help document positioned to be the outlet of such anxiety . Here, with the occult sciences of Arstrology---“A” as AI , “ars” as art , and “arstro-” as astro- , 11 signs were discovered as 11 snippets of barcodes . Drafted with GPT-2 , your sign is calculated via astrological equations .

With a simple input from your self-evaluation , You can get your Arstrology reading today . Get to know your sign’s meaning , take its advice , review your value , reset your goals , look up its terms , or use its languages for the next artist statement you are thinking about . Predictions update everyday and cycle through months.

Touch the glowing star to start.


Name has the power of being convincing as well as being restrictive . Arstrology predicts with names . With names , an important part of your role as an artist is known . Instead of using your first and last names , answer the following questions to get the input data :

·  What is the full name of the most successful art world practitioner (artist, designer, curator, dealer, critic, etc.) you are close to ?
·  What is the keyword you repetitively use in your artist statement or applications ?
·  What is the name of the institution you are closely associated with (as a student , instructor , resident , staff , collaborator , contract holder , or founder) ?

Combine the names . Write it down and count how many times the direction of your pen changes . That is the total number of pen strokes needed for the Arstrology reading .

Input the number on the line below .

Time is a record . Arstrology predicts with time . With time , the marks of your artistic careers are known . Instead of using your birth time :

·  Recall the time of your first retrospective .
·  If you have not had a retrospective yet , recall the time of the first time you are included in a biennial of major museums .
·  If you have not been included in a biennial , recall the time of your first show in US / European area .
·  If you have not done that , recall the time of your first show in other areas .
·  If not in those areas , recall the time of your first show ever .
·  If not , recall the time when you decided to practice art .

Touch and hold the shadowy star to move forward in time .
Touch and hold the glowing star to move backward in time .

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